Arunava Sinha’s Session on Seen-Unseen

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My friend, SA aka Mr. Akshayapatra, has been sending some wonderful content to read/listen/watch, but I’ve been totally incapable of utilizing and gaining from those resources. Somehow, even after a dreadfully long day yesterday, I’d managed to listen through Arunava Sinha’s Podcast on the “Seen-Unseen” with Amit Varma! It was published in April’2020 and here I’m, checking it only after an year! 😦

Better late than never, they say. Whoever said, said it for me!

What an invigorating and illuminating session it was! It’s one thing to do a job well, and another thing to articulate the nuances of it equally well. As he said, teaching is about making you fall in love. If it is in my will, I’d quit job and take translation full time – such was the gravity of his passion!

I’ve made some notes, and I’m sharing here as it is. Because I was exhausted and sleepy, notes may seem incoherent and with lots of spelling mistakes. But for now, this is all I’ve. No capacity at the moment, to transcribe the notes and share my thoughts on it.

I’m hoping these will be useful. If not to somebody else, at least to me. I might not able to sit through the 1hr 46min session again, but I can always come and quickly refer these points.

If this piques your interest, here’s the link for full podcast. I highly recommend listening.

Episode 168: The Art of Translation

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