Matargashti – 2021

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Wrapping up this otherwise insufferable year, with a note of gratitude for all the memorable moments. I’ve had wonderful people and incredible opportunities come my way, giving me a sense of belonging and contribution like never before. Because of nagging health issues, I’ve lost productivity considerably and also made conscious decision to slow down – for the first time ever! Despite all those limitations, I could do what I could do is absolutely thrilling to me.

And for someone who defined achievement as those from professional arena, this is the first area where I approached my writing activities too with equal professionalism. To the extent that I did quarterly reports! (You may check them out here.) This wasn’t to make even a hobby seem like drudgery, but only to bring in some seriousness to the whole enterprise. After all, when you realize you’re only getting older, you’ll also realize that time is all you’ve and better use it wisely. That kind of wisdom dawned upon me only after dilly-dallying with writing for 15 years!

I hope the new year brings in some much needed calmness and healing vibes to the world. I hope I start feeling better again. Wish you, my dear reader, a happy holiday season, merry XMas and a wonderful new year! May you be blessed with the best!


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