What’s the deal?

Let’s not fuss around. Let’s not waste a moment further. Nothing ditches a relation like mismatched expectations. Let’s sort that out, now.

Why are you, here? – this is for you to decide. Now that you’re anyway here,  let me make it clear what can you expect.

It’s a li’l bird flexing her creative muscles here. So, all you would get is some strange notions put in an amateurish way. This blog is the rough notes of my mind.

I’m often asked, how much of this blog is inspired by my own life? All fictitious attempts aren’t from my life, they are here because I wanna experiment with thoughts. All musings are my own, very own.

I’ve grown a lot from the days where I used to yell to make my stand clear – This blog isn’t ME! While that statement still remains true, yes, this blog has in it, bits of me. Now, how much you wanna know of the “me” factor is up to you. I can’t come down to help you with your understanding.

My way of arguing is putting a “period” to it, at the earliest. Try not to get offended.

Come here once. Twice. Thrice.

Like it? Keep coming. Also, keep praying that I remain sane.

No? Thanks for coming.


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