Hello, world!

This blog was started on new year eve, in 2008, with the sole and whole intention of staying in touch with my language. Otherwise, I was on the verge of losing it for good. In 13 years, I became what I became – a writer, translator and a book reviewer – only and only because of this blog!

I can no longer say I’m only a li’l bird flexing her creative muscles here. I’ve grown into this tree that hosts birds-like-stories! Though Telugu is still my top priority, other languages too may find a place here.

This blog had its share of troubles – I deactivated it, moved from Blogspot to wordpress.com to be hosted as a website, ignored, neglected, and what not! In recent years, it only served as a dumping yard. But I hope to change that in times to come.

The dedication note explicitly acknowledges my first laptop, which enabled me to embark on this journey! I’d also like to extend my gratitude to my first manager, Ram A, for nudging me to pick up a hobby. Little did we know what was in store. The kid he mentored is going places – both professionally and otherwise! That’s my thank you note to him.
Also, deep gratitude to the thriving Telugu blogger community, especially during the 2008-2011 time period. Without their encouragement and support, I’d have been a closet blogger at the most.

And thanks to the internet for making a writer out of a nobody! Miracles do happen.

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