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Out of Control

Whatever that was between those two, she realized it is no longer about longing to have a Ctrl+Z to rescue them. It’s been too late, like it always had been. She’s now more than convinced that what she needs is a Ctrl+C or a Ctrl+D, whichever works.

But the “Ctrl” key on her keyboard never seems to work when he is on her mind. Maybe, he managed to have a similar control on it too.


Out of memory

She was almost expecting it. Either he’s such a hog, or it is her with so limited a memory. The end result remained the same: the single process called “him” consumes so much of her that everything else comes to a halt.

She knows how to handle this: ps -ef | grep <his_name> and then kill -9 <pid>. She passes every other name, instead. Including hers. Except his.

Knowing and doing are two different things. She is managing to realize that.

Of late, she has been thinking about a reboot. Or maybe, shutdown -now.


Out of sync

Sometimes, he was like Python – easy going with loads of sense of humour, and also assuring that moving on is important, the possibility of an error ahead shouldn’t stop you from going that far. At other times he was like Java – exacting syntax, being picky about petty things and making you write too much for too little.

She was good at both. Guess what, she was so good at that that she could even handle the combination of them, at a given time.

Alas! If only she doesn’t allow her heart into their arena. When in “Python” mode, she needlessly fusses about syntax and worries why it is all so easy. In the other mode, she freaks out because he is now particular about braces and what not. She’s so dumb and silly, (that’s what he keeps telling her), like a newbie.

As if it was meant that way – he and she are always out of sync.


  Beyond Truth

She had been trying hard to find the truth about their truth table – what is the “logical operation” that can define their relation? Because nothing else did.

Is it an OR?

No. him=0, her = 1 never leads to a 1. Also, the case with him=1, her =1.

Is it an AND?

Hard luck. him=1, her=1 never led to a 1. And, him =1, her = 0, was always an happy 1.

Maybe, it was somewhere between an OR and/or an AND. Or maybe, it is nowhere.

Or maybe, she was looking to define that is not even existing.


  1. I read this again today. How did I miss it last time? here is the solution to the last riddle:

    He & (not(He) OR (not) She)
    Happy new year 🙂


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