An Obese Relation

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Their relationship was bloated, as if it was soaked in water for long. A little movement it made, it panted. They were surprised to see it in that state.

“It wasn’t like this. How did it turn so?” – they wondered.

True, it wasn’t anywhere close to what it is like now. Not that it boasted of size-zero before, but it was fit and hit within its own limitations, at least, in their early days of courtship. They used to have lot of fun together, and it had to participate actively in all of that. That way, it got its share of exercise.

They thought things would remain the same. But what’s the point, either in our stories or in the stories we make, if everything goes according to expectations? An exception to our expectations is the lifeline of any good story. If she is Alice, and if she doesn’t fall into the rabbit hole, what’s left in the story?

From the very beginning, they knew, it wasn’t going too far. They expected it to shrink and wither away. Though there was a hope against hope that things might get better between them, they knew they couldn’t give it a socially acceptable status. Since it couldn’t have those lavish buffets amidst friends and guests, they fed it all the instant or fast food. Burgers, chips, colas, cup noodles were all it’s staple diet. It didn’t complain as such. It was all too glad with what little attention it was getting.

Most of the relations carry the weight of us. That gives those relations quite bit of chance to stretch and build muscles. Like our ancestors in machineless world, they don’t need gyms and zumbas to stay fit.

This one, unlike those, was a timepass relationship. They remembered it, only if they came across each other on Facebook or through an email search or in a mutual friend’s gossip. In all other times, they took it “light”.

But it took dark and heavy. It started missing them. It skipped eating and sleeping. Bored and broken, it waited for them, without knowing if they were expected to return or not. Not knowing whether to end the wait or end itself, it slipped into the realms of depression.

As a result, it put on lot of weight. So much so that, they can’t even move it.

“It could just be the case of making it do work-outs. It might work!” – said  he.

“I’ve been telling you. This won’t work out.” – said she.

An argument ensued between them. The relation watched them, as an umpteenth repeat of a boring daily serial, and started binging on the junk they brought for it, for this visit.






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